Swedish massage in Andheri

Swedish massage in Andheri


Swedish Massage Techniques – The 5 Steps of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage techniques are different from other massage techniques in that they are quite specific in the order in which the massage is done. These techniques apply deeper pressure than other kind of massages and they are also known to increase oxygenation of blood and release metabolic waste such as lactic and uric acids from the tissues of the muscles.

Swedish Massage TechniquesThis can be particularly important for athletes who find that exercise causes build-up of lactic acids in the muscles, which the massage can dislodge and replace with fresh oxygenated blood.

Swedish massage techniques can help not only relieve physical stress but also emotional stress and can have other medical and therapeutic uses.

Swedish massage is known to help with reducing joint pain and stiffness, and has also been known to help those with osteoarthritis.

Those who undergo this kind of massage also report to enjoying enhanced flexibility. These particular massage techniques are also thought to help improve blood circulation.

Swedish massage is also known as ‘Classic Massage’ in certain areas of the world.

The 5 main Swedish massage techniques as they were developed by Swedish doctor Per Henrik Ling, a physical therapist, developer and teacher of medical-gymnastics are –

  1. Effleurage

These are the sliding or gliding Swedish massage techniques that cover different areas of the body. They are long sweeping strokes that alternate between firm and light pressure and with can be performed using the palm of the hand or the fingertips. The knots and tension in the muscles tend to get broken with this massage technique.

  1. Petrissage

This is the technique of kneading the muscles of the body to attain deeper massage penetration. The thumbs and the knuckles of the fingers are used to knead the muscles of the body and to squeeze them to prepare them for the other Swedish massage techniques that follow.

  1. Tapotement or Rhythmic Tapping

This technique of Swedish massage, as the name suggests consists of rhythmic tapping that uses the fists of the cupped hands. This helps to loosen and relax the muscles being manipulated and also helps to energize them. The sides of the hands are used in this massage technique.

  1. Friction

This move seeks to create heat to bring about relaxation of the muscles. The palms of the hand are rubbed together vigorously with each other, or they are rubbed onto the skin of the person being massaged in order to produce heat by friction. This technique can be used as a warm up for the muscles of the body to be treated for deeper massage.

  1. Vibration or Shaking

This is the one among Swedish massage techniques that helps to loosen up the muscles by using a back and forth action of the fingertips or the heel of the hand over the skin. The muscles of the body are literally shaken up to loosen and relax the muscles. The sides of the hand, and any part of the hand such as the tips or heel can be used by the masseuse to shake up the muscles of the person.



 Body massage center in Andheri

 spa castles is a chain of contemporary wellness day spas. spa castles has 2 outlets across various locations in spa in  kandivali and Spa in Andheri (W) is the first Spa center in West India

spa castles first spa in Mumbai is situated in  Andheri West. Located next to famous Lokhandwala complex.

spa castles treatment are custom designed to offer relief from Back Pain, scruff Pain or other Joint Pains.

Crowded public transports, carrying large laptops to work, rush to catch up office on time, driving through traffic jams and a mind that is under constant stress The conditions actually describe a lifestyle of working professionals residing in Andheri West .

As the day comes to an end, every waged professional living in Andheri area looks for a way to de-stress mentally and physically. This is mostly true for those travelling through Andheri station in local trains. The tensions and stress does not remain restricted to attack mental health, instead it takes a toll on physical health in terms of body aches and pain. Additionally, the boom of being modern leaves many working women with an aching foot from regular use of high heel.

body Massage is a popular massage therapy that is used for treating variety of painful conditions. This type of massage is fulfil using five different types of long box with deep circular movements, vibration, and tapping. body massage improves gore circulation, which increases oxygen supply to the body that further blush away the waste and toxins. It also reduce muscle tension, stretches tight ligaments and reduces in muscles and joints.body  massage has been reported to effectively reduce pain and effects for long time.

If you are suffering from pain and looking for a best body Massage in Andheri West.

To experience the benefits of body Massage at a spa near Andheri station, please tick on the link below.




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